"NIGHTLINE PRIME" asks, how far is too far to look perfect? SATURDAY, JUNE 21 (10:00 - 11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC TELEVISION NETWORK. This week's reports include:

  • No Regrets?: "Nightline Prime" is along for the ride as two celebrity plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif attempt to make people who hate their past plastic surgeries feel and look better. Neal Karlinsky reports on a woman who says her first breast enhancement surgery left her with a painful "uniboob" and supermodel Janice Dickenson as she gets her work "worked over."
  • How Young is Too Young?: Last year alone close to 100,000 teenage girls went under the knife. "Nightline Prime" follows two teenage girls as they go through invasive procedures (breast augmentation and rhinoplasty) with the permission of their parents to find out if this is an epidemic of bad parenting or something else entirely.
  • Plasticland: Juju Chang follows a California girl to the world's plastic surgery mecca - Seoul, South Korea, where a staggering 7.5 million people have traveled from around the world to go under the knife for the most extreme procedures doctors are willing to perform. Here women can pay far less for new noses and slimmer jaw lines, but will the pain of the pursuit be too much for them to handle?
  • Picture Perfect: From selfies posted on social media to profile pictures, never before have our faces been used as such valuable currency. Cecila Vega introduces viewers to a woman who has gone to extraordinary lengths more than once to be picture perfect.

"Nightline Prime" goes inside the most provocative stories of our time, utilizing the newest technologies to put viewers in the middle of stories as they unfold. The new program puts the latest small, agile cameras out with journalists embedded at the center of the stories they are reporting, enabling its teams to go farther, closer and deeper than previously possible.

Almin Karamehmedovic is executive producer of "Nightline Prime" and Jenna Millman is senior producer.

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