Jewelry Heist Burglars Make Off With $1 Million

Police in Washington say thieves made off with as much as $1 million in gold.

Police in Washington are investigating a heist that involved suspects stealing $1 million worth of items from a jewelry store by drilling into the roofs of neighboring businesses to access the store's safe.

Officials at the Puyallup Police Department say the burglars used "very sophisticated" techniques to access a safe in Gold Definitions, a jewelry retail store, on Sunday night.

They say suspects first entered neighboring businesses by drilling through their roofs, then accessed the store's safe from adjacent walls.

"The suspects entered three different business via cutting holes in the roof and removing sections of the walls to get to the victim business," police said.

Police in Washington say thieves made off with as much as $1 million in gold (Credit: KOMO/ABC News)

Detective Mike Lusk told ABC News that the suspects first entered one neighboring store and cut a hole in the wall to view inside Gold Definitions. Using a "snake-like light," they were able to peer into the store and identify the locations of cameras, motion-detectors, and the safe.

Once they had mapped out the store, they entered a second neighboring business and broke through a wall behind the safe. Lusk says the crime took about 4 hours total and the suspects demonstrated advanced criminal expertise.

"It was organized with different guys doing different jobs. They didn't waste any time. Very methodical. Very planned out," he said.

Lisa Catt, who works for Gold Definitions, told ABC affiliate KOMO that the thieves made off with their entire stock of inventory.

"It was completely wiped out. All of our inventory, stones, customer jobs … all of it," she told the station.

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