Dramatic Video Shows Young Girls Hurt in Israeli Missile Strike

VIDEO: Young Sisters Injured in Gaza

A dramatic video taken in Gaza today shows the aftermath when two young Palestinian sisters were critically wounded when an Israeli missile struck their home.

The girls, ages 7 and 9, were apparently hit mistakenly as the missile was targeting two men in a vehicle across the road, according to the video shot by APTN.

"We were in the house when suddenly we heard the explosion. We didn't know what happened and the metal was flying into us and struck the two girls. Their father carried them off to the hospital and I still don't know what has happened to them. The girl, her body was full of holes," Fawziya Al-Grinawi, mother of the wounded girls, told APTN.

The death toll in Gaza topped 100 today, including more than 20 children during the current crisis. Israel has bombed hundreds of sites in Gaza while dozens of missiles have been fired at Israel, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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