Plus: None of Dr. Oz's children want to follow in his medical footsteps until he invites his teenage daughter Zoe into the OR to watch him in action as he tries to fix a young mother's deteriorating heart

And: A distraught mother accompanies her deaf and mute son to the hospital after a college fight leaves the boy's jaw fractured in several places

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After nearly two years of production, "NY MED" is back. This fast-paced, eight-part series mostly toggles between the orderly operating rooms of Manhattan's New York-Presbyterian Hospital - the primary venue for the series - where renowned surgeons perform feats of medical brilliance and the sometimes hectic trauma wards of Newark's University Hospital where skilled doctors gallantly struggle to treat a flood of gunshot, stabbing and life-threatening trauma cases. The surgeons of "NY MED" never forget that there are limits to what medical science can do and that sometimes their best efforts come up short. In " Episode 207," which airs THURSDAY, August 7 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET); viewers will encounter the following patients, doctors and nurses:

At New York Presbyterian, Sabrina Mahil, an oral maxillo facial resident in surgery, is summoned to treat a college student with a severely fractured jaw. The young man's mother is understandably protective of her son who is deaf and mute. She can't understand who would punch her sweet boy in the face and is trying to keep her emotions in check.

ER nurse Diana Costine is stunned when her close friend and fellow ER nurse Marina Dedivanovic shows up in a neck brace and in pain following a car accident. If anyone knows the drill, it should be Marina. But she doesn't receive special favors, and as the hours tick by while Marina waits to get scanned, her frustration mounts to the breaking point. Marina is not prepared for the diagnosis she receives and tears flow.

At Newark's University hospital, trauma surgeon and mother, Anne Mosenthal, empathizes with a patient's mother who is sitting vigil for her critically injured teenage son. Mosenthal promises to do everything in her power to save the young man's life for a mom who pleads, "Just save my baby."

And Surgeon Oz brings his high school-age daughter Zoe to work for the first time. None of Oz's children have expressed interest in a medical career but now at least Zoe wants to watch her dad operate. The case is especially compelling as a young mother is in danger of a life-ending stroke if her heart defect cannot be repaired. For Zoe, observing this one surgery becomes a life-changing experience for her as well.

New York Presbyterian neurosurgeon, Guy McKhann, is faced with performing a delicate and complex operation when 28-year old patient, Jesse Andre, shows up with a baseball-size tumor impacting one of the brain's most important arteries. If his scalpel slips, he could leave Jesse paralyzed on the left side of his body. But without the operation, the tumor will continue to grow and Jesse won't survive.

Don't miss "NY MED" on THURSDAY, AUGUST 7 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Terence Wrong is the executive producer of "NY MED." Erica Baumgart is the supervising producer and Monica DelaRosa is the senior series producer. Andy Genovese and Aysu Grodowski are series producers.

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