‘Don’t Say Gay’ Eighth Grader PSA Goes Viral

A half-minute Don’t Say Gay PSA has gone viral after YouTube user Grant Viola and his little brother demonstrated a funny and pithy way to discourage people from using the phrase.

“In 8th grade we had a PSA project. ( Public Service Announcement) Don’t Say Gay. I chose a funny way to present it. Subscribe! And thanks to my little brother for being the star!” Grant, now 15, wrote on his YouTube page, under the name playahata646.

The then eighth grader’s little brother shines in the clip after he slaps his brother Grant across the face and admonishes him for using the phrase “gay” after Grant falls from his skateboard.

“Don’t say ‘gay,’” the little brother yells. “It’s mean, and it’s offensive!”

Grant, who is not gay, reports that he received an A on the assignment, and hopes that other kids his age will  try to make a difference, as well.

“I saw the slap as meaning, Wake up, America,” Grant, who is now a sophomore in high school, told ABCNews.com. “People can’t help who they’re attracted to, and that word shouldn’t be used to mean stupid.”



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