Doctor-Prescribed Resolutions for 2012

VIDEO: Dr. Mallika Marshall shares top doctor-prescribed resolutions for 2012.

Nearly 41 percent of Americans are making resolutions this year, and 35 percent of people will break them by the end of the month, according to a survey conducted by Everyday Health. Before you throw in the New Year's resolution towel, however, you might be interested in some simple changes to your life that can improve your overall health and well-being. 

Dr. Mallika Marshall, Everyday Health medical director, conducted  a survey of doctors themselves, to try to find out which health promises are really worth keeping, which resolutions they make themselves and which tools they use to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A total of 375 physicians weighed in on the most important health resolutions their patients should make in 2012, according to Everyday Health. One-third were in family practice, one-third in internal medicine; the balance were in general practice, cardiology, pediatrics, geriatric or emergency medicine. Two-thirds of the physicians who participated were male.

 The suggestions included getting at least seven hours of sleep, unplugging from technology at least once a week and spending more time with loved ones.  Yes, Marshall says, "having that emotional connection with other people can reduce your blood pressure, reduce your risk of depression and anxiety, help you live longer and reduce your risk of dementia and other age-related changes."

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