Parked Citi Bikes Become 'SoulCycle' for Homeless

Fabrizio Goldstein conducts a spin class on New York's Citi Bikes. (Credit: YouTube)

SoulCycle is a hip way to work out indoors on a stationary bike, but at $34 for a 45-minute class, it's not cheap.

But, hey, those shiny, new Citi Bikes are free when they're parked.

So comedian Fabrizio Goldstein threw on a crop top and led a free spin class in New York City's Tomkins Square Park this past weekend.

"Here we go!" he shouted over the music to about five people as they pedaled along with him. "Work it. You're worth it."

A neighborhood resident was filming nearby when she happened to come across the class. She interviewed Fabrizio briefly after the class and sent her video to the Crosby Press.

"Indoor cycling, it's too expensive. It's not available to everybody," he told the resident. "I want the homeless people of New York to have really sick bodies."

Read about how NYC bike share program bans obese riders.

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