Tracy Anderson's 5 Head-to-Toe Moves for a New Body, New Year

VIDEO: These five exercises can keep you looking good in the new year.

Tracy Anderson is the fitness expert known for sculpting the bodies of A-list stars from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez and new mom Kim Kardashian.

Her "Tracy Anderson Method" is not just for celebrities, however. Anderson has more than 160 DVDs and the soon-to-be released Xbox Fitness for Metamorphosis that bring her workouts into your living room.

Tracy Anderson's Workout for Killer Arms

Anderson appeared on " Good Morning America" today with five head-to-toe moves she created specifically for "GMA" viewers. Read below for the moves as well as Anderson's answers to "GMA" viewers' most frequently asked health and fitness questions.

Move #1: Roll and Plank

Lay on your back with your left leg tucked into your chest, the right leg extended straight out. Roll over your right shoulder, keeping your forearm down for support. Place the left forearm on the floor for support. You are now facing the floor with the right leg holding the body up in a plank position. Extend the left leg out in a kick toward the back left corner. Tuck the knee back into the chest, lay back down, roll over the shoulder to finish on the back in the starting position. Repeat.

Move #2: Slide and Attitude Lift

Kneel on knees with the right forearm down and the left hand down on the floor for support. Lift the right leg into an attitude behind, reaching the foot past the left hip. Replace the right knee to the starting position and then extend the left leg behind, reaching toward the right back corner. With the toe on the ground, slide the foot out until hips are flat down, slide back up and replace knee to starting position.

Move #3: Sit and Reach With Kick

Kneel on knees and slightly lean back so that you are holding your hips right over your heels. Dive forward, catching yourself with your hands and landing in a forward plank with the right knee down and left knee lifted into attitude behind. Kick (extend) the left leg straight up into the air into an arabesque. Circle the leg down as if to replace in the starting position and, right as the knee is going to tuck in, lift body back up to starting position.

Move #4: Shoulder Balance Kick With Roll Leg Cross

Kneeling on all fours, with supporting the body on the left shoulder and using the right hand for support. The right leg is in attitude behind the body and extends to straight leg arabesque. Roll the body onto the back and keep as you swing the right leg over the left for crossed legs. Uncross and roll back to starting position.

Move #5: Inner Thigh Glute Lift

Lay on your back, with knees bent and left foot on the ground, right leg bent with leg flat on the ground so that outer thigh is resting down, left side back, and glute is lifted off the ground. Lift the right leg by bringing the knee in toward center then extend leg straight into the air and lifting both glutes off the floor.

WEB EXTRA: Tracy Anderson Answers 'GMA' Viewers' Questions

1. How do I enjoy the holidays without worrying about the weight gain?

New research shows that the conversations you have with yourself internally truly reflect on your health. Our thoughts and emotions matter almost as much as what we put into our body or how we move it. Taking care of ourselves means being good to ourselves. Enjoying the holidays is really important. A few celebratory days if you just dive in and participate won't harm your health, but the worry about not wanting to allow yourself to enjoy it can.

2. What diet should I do after the holidays?

Every person's body has its own unique operating system. What may be healthy for one person isn't for another. Case in point: I have sensitivity to avocados. They cause inflammation in my body. If you don't know how your body works, chasing diets is a lot of torture that may come with little to no results. Get a blood test and gain the knowledge of what you are truly sensitive to or at least cut out processed foods, Gluten, and non-organic foods. This is a step in the right direction for anyone. Cutting out food groups and eating "diet" food is not where it's at.

3. Why do I feel like it gets harder every year to get results?

Embracing fitness as a lifestyle is vital. The aging process is a totally different experience when you stay connected and balanced. Not overworking or underworking your body along with consistency versus "chasing entertainment" in trends and gimmicks is key. Show up for yourself each day and it will get easier every day. The body responds well to consistency and focus. When you trend-hop there is no strategy. It's like anything: if you want long term results, it requires investment and commitment.

4. Can I take off a week from my workout?

If you are truly regular, you won't want to take a week off but, even if you do, a week won't do anything if you are always regular and not overeating.

5. What workout should I do to reach my goals?

This decision and commitment is critical. There are a lot of noise, trends and gimmicks in the fitness and beauty industry. Many instructors are good "performers" but they know very little about what to do for you and your body. You need to figure out what it is you want to achieve and lean into the experts. Being a good, committed student is everything.

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