Baby Gorilla Goes Outside, Meets Troop

VIDEO: Baby gorilla makes public debut at San Diego Zoo.

A baby gorilla that was nursed back to health by a team of humans was back outside today with her troop, two weeks after being born by a rare C-section at the San Diego Zoo.

The unnamed baby girl held on tightly to her mom, 18-year-old Imani, as she toured the jungle-like exhibit - a departure from the sterile intensive care unit where she battled a collapsed lung and pneumonia just days earlier.

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Imani cradled the baby in her arms as she foraged for greens. She then settled into a warm alcove to nurse, gently stroking the baby's head with her finger as a human mother might.

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The other gorillas in the troop - an adult male, three adult females, and two young males - watched from afar at first. Then one gorilla, 2-year-old Monroe, came up close for a proper introduction.

The baby was born March 12 by C-section after Imani spent 12 hours in labor - a normal stint for humans but a rarity for gorillas. She was nursed back to health by a team of veterinarians and human neonatologists before finally meeting her mother March 24.

Imani holds her newborn daughter, Mar. 25, 2014. (Image credit: Tammy Spratt/San Diego Zoo Safari Park)

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