Formerly Conjoined Twins Meet Dolphin With Prosthetic Tail

The 4-year-old boys prosthetic legs and Winters prosthetic tail were made by the same team.

Twin 4-year-old boys, formerly conjoined, got to meet their hero when they traveled to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Fla., to see the famed dolphin named Winter with a prosthetic tail.

Both Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf are big fans of Winter and they both have prosthetic legs made by the same prosthetist who crafted Winter's custom tail. The dolphin was the subject of the film called "Dolphin Tale" documenting Winter's rescue off the coast of Florida in 2005 and his fitting with a prosthetic tail.

Formerly conjoined twins visit a dolphin whose prosthetic were made by the same person who made their own. (WFTS)

Conjoined Twins See Sunlight for First Time

The boys were born conjoined in Ireland and separated four months later. Their mother Angie Benhaffaf told ABC affiliate WFTS-TV in Tampa, Fla., that the boys "shared everything but a heart."

After the surgery, each boy was left with one leg and half of a pelvis. Now they each have a prosthetic leg.

"When they watched the movie in the cinema, they said 'Mommy, Winter is just like us,'" said Benhaffaf.

The meeting with Winter was even more special since both boys have prosthetic legs made by Kevin Carroll, a prosthetist with the Hanger Clinic in Orlando, Fla., who developed Winter's custom tail prosthetic.

"They've been integrating Winter's story with the rehabilitation of these two kids since day one," Carroll told WFTS-TV of the twins getting used to their prosthetic legs.

The boys were such fans of the film that one of the first words they uttered was "Winter," Carroll said.

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