Baseball Stadium Has Unique Pitch for Sun-Burned Fans in Bleachers

Sunscreen joins Crackerjacks and hotdogs as baseball stadium staple.

Should you forget your favorite baseball cap, the Pawtucket Red Sox of Rhode Island have you covered…literally.

The team has joined with the Rhode Island Department of Health and posted sunscreen dispensaries throughout the McCoy Stadium in Providence, Rhode Island, for anyone looking to avoid a sunburn.

To draw attention to the dangers of sun damage, team players also recorded radio and video PSAs to promote the use of sunscreen and remaining under shade during midday when sun is the brightest.

If you need sunscreen just head to the baseball stadium. (Credit: Pawtucket Red Sox Video)

This summer is the second year that the Rhode Island Department of Health has had the dispensaries out and according to the department more than "10,000 doses" were dispensed last summer. Each does is about the size of a single shot and the department hopes to double the usage this summer. This Monday the head of the Rhode Island department of Health will throw out the first pitch.

But the health department isn't stopping with baseball. They are also working to find a sponsor to place sunscreen dispensaries at a local zoo and parks in the state.

Summer Safety: Sunscreen Myths

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