‘Unplugged’: One Mom’s Experiment


By Arianne Segerman

Lifetime Moms

Recently we had the most amazing — and most difficult — weekend, ever. The reason? I put my kids on a “fast” from electronics. I felt like their behavior, attitudes and general spirits were completely out of control and they were becoming so addicted I didn’t know what to do. I don’t think I’m alone in observing this about my family.

It’s so easy when you have difficult children, work at home, or just in general need a break — to just turn on the TV or the video games and let the kids have at it.

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But could these electronics be harming them?I’ve noticed even the slightly “action packed” games seem to make my boys much more physical than normal (and they are normally wrestling daily and very “hands on” as it is). I keep their eyes clear of violent TV and movies and games – but even if they get too obsessed with the competition of a game their spirits seem more angsty and aggressive.

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Also, there’s something to be said for just turning things off. Have you ever noticed when the power goes out – how peaceful the house is? There’s no buzzing, there’s no noise, and there’s just something about the air, the energy of the home, that is finally at rest. It’s like your body is finally free from all those waves of electricity running through the house all day.

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Ever since our fast, the schedule of when I allow TV and games has been only for a small amount of time in the mornings. The rest of our day is “unplugged” and wow — it’s been a huge difference.Would you consider doing an electronics fast with your family? I warn you, the first few days definitely feel like a detox! Good luck!

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