Daredevil ‘Human Slingshots’ Fly Through the Air

VIDEO: Utah friends fly through the air using bungee cords and a four-wheeler.

Who says humans can’t transform themselves into slingshots flying through the air?

And who says people won’t love to watch them do it?

Not a group of friends in Provo, Utah, and not Internet users, specifically fans of YouTube.

A three-minute video showing a group of friends launching themselves into the air over nearby Hobble Creek Canyon with the help of a four-wheeler and bungee cords tied between two poles has gone viral, attracting nearly one million views since it was posted on YouTube this week.

The video got its start as most YouTube videos do, a group of friends with a crazy idea, to capture on camera people flying through the air.

“We wanted to know what it is like to be strapped into it and we wanted to capture the whole experience,” participant Grant Olsen told Salt Lake City’s ABC 4 News.

The story of the video’s origins gets even stranger when it turns out the friends didn’t have to start from scratch in creating their slingshot.  One had already been built by a local family.

The nearly 40 participants, one at a time, are strapped in between the bungee chords tied to a four-wheeler and, with the motorbike traveling nearly 30 miles-per-hour, released into the air.

“There have been several injuries,” Olsen told ABC4.  “The inventor of the human slingshot lost a finger.”

The video was shot in August but the friends say they plan to pull their trusty slingshot back out in the winter, this time using a snowmobile to fly themselves over a frozen river.

Stay tuned.

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