12,225-Mile U.S. Road Trip Compressed Into 5 Minutes

VIDEO: Take a ride across the United States in just over one minute.

Brian DeFrees is getting tons of attention thanks to a time-lapse video he recently posted to YouTube.

The five-minute video captures DeFrees’ 12,225-mile road trip around the U.S.  He said he was on the road for 55 days from August to October — he started in New York, touched the West Coast and then headed back East.

The 25-year-old Syracuse, N.Y., native said he wanted to see the world so he quit his job and jumped in his car. The car’s lone occupant, he set out on the journey, visiting with friends and family along the way.

“Whether you’ve traveled around the U.S. or whether you’ve never been to the U.S., it’s something that everyone can appreciate and enjoy,” he told ABC News this morning of the video he’d created.

Using Quicktime, DeFrees took nearly 200,000 images from his trip and put them together into a video. He said the video was originally 2.5 hours long.

“It was an amazing project for me and I hope it inspires people to go out and take a roadtrip [and] explore parts of the country they haven’t seen,” DeFrees said.

He has settled on a favorite city, where he hopes to find work and settle down, but for now he said he wanted to see just where the video’s popularity would take him.



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