VIDEO: This Dog ‘Nose’ Balance

VIDEO: A wastebasket, a pot, pizza -- this dog can balance anything on its nose.

When Jub Jub the St. Bernard was just a small puppy, his owner, Stew McFadden, put a treat on his nose for fun.

Much to McFadden’s surprise, Jub Jub balanced it.  So McFadden gave Jub Jub more items to try to balance, and Jub Jub could do them all.

Over the next months, McFadden saw that his four-legged wonder could balance anything.

Thus began the odyssey of Jub Jub, the now one-year-old dog with a nose for balance.

When you’re a dog with a talent in a viral world, your talent can quickly turn into fame and, yes, Jub Jub, now has his own Facebook page and a devoted following.

So McFadden left Jub Jub’s next feat up to his Facebook fans, asking them what they wanted to see the St. Bernard pooch balance on his nose.

The result?

This video of Jub Jub balancing 30 different items, including a giant bone, trash can, pizza slice, violin, blanket, lacrosse stick, computer, kitten, chicken nuggets and a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.

McFadden tells “ Good Morning America” that Jub Jub received “PLENTY” of treats during the making of this video, including that Egg McMuffin.

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