6 Disgusting Holiday Foods

Traditional fruitcake tops our list as the most disgusting holiday food. (Getty Images/Foodcollection)

The holidays are full of delicious things to eat, such as chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie, rib roast, potato pancakes.  Unfortunately, this time of year also brings a few foods we could live without.  Here is a list of six traditional holiday foods we find disgusting and  pray don't end up on your  table.

  1. Fruitcake.  This cake, traditionally soaked in alcohol to prevent mold, is at the top of our list of disgusting  items.  Chewy, full of nuts and raisins, this cake is the antithesis of what a cake should be.
  2. Tripe.  This dish isn't for the faint of heart.  If the stomach lining of a cow doesn't scare you away, though, dig in.
  3. Anything molded in gelatin.  Red and green gelatin molded in a Bundt pan may look  festive, but that's about it. It's definitely not appetizing.  Foods that jiggle when they move give us the chills, plus think of the unnecessary space it would take up in your refrigerator.
  4. Melting cheese snowman.  Cute in theory, this snowman, made out of blocks of cheddar cheese and then covered in cream cheese "snow," is gross.  Turn on the burner and watch the snowman "melt" in front of your eyes.  Here's a better idea: Avoid this one altogether and just look out your window.
  5. Mincemeat pie.  Is it dinner or dessert?  Originally made with meat, beef fat, fruit  and spices, this pie is both savory and sweet.  Modern versions of the pie remove the meat and keep the fat, but we think we'll just skip this one entirely.
  6. Gefilte fish.  This fish, cradled in liquid broth, looks like something from a middle-school science class.  The only thing we'll eat with liquid broth  is chicken soup.

What are some of your "gross" holiday foods?  Do you love some of the foods on our list? Please let us know.

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