Secret Saving Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Off-Price Shopping Trip

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Walk into your local off-price retailer, and you'll find a treasure trove of designer labels and discounted prices. Clothes, shoes, bags, for up to 60 percent off the regular retail price.

Everything may seem like a deal, but sniffing out the real finds at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack - or a similar kind of retailer - takes a determined, savvy shopper.

Enter Alison Deyette, who has tips for how best to shop in off-price retail stores. Deyette appeared on "Good Morning America" today to give some tips for scoring big when you venture into an off-price retailer.

Tip 1: Keep an open mind.

"You can't come in saying 'I want a hot pink cocktail dress with lace around the collar … you come in saying, 'I want to  find a fabulous dress,' or 'I want to find a fabulous outfit for Christmas or a New Year's Eve party, because here it is about the thrill of the find," she said.

So how can they offer such great products and such a discount? Often, high end designers make too much of an item, or a department store may buy too much, so each season off-price retailers come it and buy what's left - at a major discount.

But the items go fast!  Each week, stores may get up to 10,000 pieces of new merchandise.

Tip 2: Find out when stores get new shipments.

Get first pick of the newest items!

"Go to the store manager and say, 'look, I want to be that super savvy shopper. What day do the trucks come … because I want to be here,"  Deyette said.

Tip 3: Have a smart shopping plan.

Shop in the mornings and during the week in order to avoid crowds, Deyette said. And if you see something that you like, snatch it up, because it may not be in the store if you come back for it later.

Tip 4:  Shop with a friend.

Deyette said having a buddy along can help keep you focused.

Tip 5: Give yourself a time limit.

It's so easy to overspend, so don't go over your set time.

"It can be a bit overstimulating for people … because when they start seeing these awesome prices on designer brands that they were coveting from afar, they might start thinking, 'Oh, I could add that on,'" she said, "so that's why I say give yourself a time limit … ."

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