The Life of the Modern Woman as Played by a Toddler

VIDEO: Toddlers take on the life and times of a busy, working gal goes viral online.

The latest viral video making the rounds chronicles the life and times of a  modern, independent woman, only the modern woman is played by a 3-year-old.

She gets ready for work, uses her BlackBerry, comes home to microwave her dinner, has a glass of "grape juice," relaxes with a re-run of  "Sex and the City," and then collapses into bed.

The whole thing was a final project for University of Missouri student Kelsey O'Briant's audio video class. She cast her friend's daughter, Lua, in the lead role, but never expected  it would  go viral ( 260,000 views and counting on YouTube).

"Lua has always been an outspoken and personable kid ever since I've known her, so I thought she would be an amazing actress for my project," O'Briant told "GMA." " She was a total natural, and was incredibly easy to film. She was able to deliver so many genuine and hilarious moments, which I didn't expect to come so quickly or easily."

Lua definitely seems ready for the real world.  O'Briant says we should be on the lookout for more videos from Lua in the new year. Can we suggest a girl's night out-theme for the next one?

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