Stress Busters for Anxious Pets

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We know that stress can affect the health of humans, but how about for our pets?

" Good Morning America" pet expert Dr. Marty Becker says pets can be stressed by car rides, visits to the vet or grooming.

Dr. Becker appeared on "GMA" today to show his favorite products to help soothe your beloved family pet.

1.  Feliway Electric Diffuser and Adaptil

Available for both dogs and cats, this scent mimics pheromones, the chemical naturally produced by animal moms to soothe their babies.  The diffuser is great when you leave your pet alone and the spritz is perfect to spray in a pet carrier for long trips.  Dr. Becker puts this on his hands when he treats pets to give them a sense of calm during their visits.

2.  Through a Dog's Ear

If you think your dog doesn't care about your music playlist, think again.  Dr. Becker finds that animals are easily excited by rock music.  This set of three CDs has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety in high-stress areas like the kennel or veterinarian's office.

3.  Calming Cap

This calming cap, almost like a human sleep mask, reduces all visual noise for your pet.  The fabric is see-through and dims the room, making it calm and dark.  It's easy to put on and slips right under your dog's leash.

4. Thundershirt

This thundershirt was originally developed to help pets with thunderstorm phobias. It's proven to lessen the anxiety that leads to destructive doggy behavior.  Like a gentle embrace, the vest hugs the pet in all the right spots.

All of the pets featured on "GMA" today are available for adoption through the Humane Society of New York.

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