Is This Baby the Next Tennis Superstar?

VIDEO: Jamie Myska-Buddells consistancy hitting ping-pong balls delights the web.

Take a close look Rafeal Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, this 18-month-old baby could be a star of the future.

The ping pong wizardry of Jamie Myska-Buddell, of Plymouth, England, was posted on YouTube by his fathers, who passed on to their son their ping pong obsession.

"Jamie absolutely loves table tennis," said his dad.  "He takes his bat everywhere with him…He just wants to play as soon as he sees a table."

Both of his dads have played since they were young and still play and coach near their England home.  They say they'll keep posting their son's ping pong progress each month for everyone to see, and who knows where his talents may lead.

"Who knows, one day he may be a champ and beat the Chinese at their own game," said Jamie's dad.  "But as long as he enjoys it, that will be the main thing.  And it is much better for him than an X-box."

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