The McDonald's Shamrock Shake Returns

Credit: McDonald's

Just like sightings of a St.Patrick's Day leprechaun, the elusive McDonald's Shamrock Shake has been seen in select restaurants.  Reports have recently surfaced that faithful shake followers have found it at restaurants around the country.

This mint and vanilla milkshake was originally served in 1970 and has continued to reappear weeks before St.Patrick's Day annually.

Disappointed fans have complained that the shake doesn't live up to its originally glory, because the new shake machines don't fully mix the minty syrup into the shake.  Another update is that the shake is served with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

The drink has a cult following, with the site recording the locations where the drink has been spotted, as well as the date.  The site allows you to search by state to find a shake in your area.

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