TripAdvisor App Downloaded 25 Times Per Minute

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TripAdvisor has  the world's second-most-popular travel app, right behind Google Earth, according to 2011 download data from app research company Distimo.

Distimo tells the rankings are based on the worldwide downloads  for all applications in the travel categories in the Apple App Store - iPad, Apple App Store,  iPhone, Google Android Market and Windows Phone Marketplace.

TripAdvisor says its app was downloaded an average of 25 times per minute in January 2012 and has now surpassed 15 million total downloads.

"TripAdvisor is focused on delivering the best experience to travelers on mobile and tablets, and we're delighted to see that TripAdvisor is the most downloaded travel planning app in the world," Nathan Clapton, vice president of mobile partnerships at TripAdvisor, said in a statement. While Google Earth and TripAdvisor are both classified as travel apps, it's fair to say the TripAdvisor app is used as a planning tool.

So besides Google Earth (No. 1)  and TripAdvisor (No. 2), which other travel apps make up the top 5 travel apps in Distimo's rankings?

3.  GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas Prices

4. Google Maps

5.  Yelp

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