Virgin Atlantic Crew Gets 'Whispering Coach'

                                                                                                   (Image Credit: Virgin Atlantic)

The Virgin Atlantic crew that will man the Upper Class Dream Suite, debuting this spring, are about to get a lesson on using their inside voices.

There are few details about the new Dream Suite available but a Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman did tell it will include an enhanced seat, a futuristic bar and other cabin updates. Its most interesting feature, however, may be the way the crew interacts with the passengers.

The airline has appointed a "whispering coach" to instruct the crew, "coaching on the tone, volume and sentiment cabin crew should use whilst talking to Upper Class passengers," according to the  airline's blog.

Because, no doubt, Upper Class people need to spoken to gently and it is important to use words like whilst when addressing them.

The instruction will add an additional day to the training of Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class cabin crew. Currently, the training includes tips on how to read passengers, being tactile and how to wake people comfortably. The additional training will make sure no passenger is disturbed whilst sleeping.

VA says the new program was tested on focus groups and on test flights and informed by speech experts. The "appropriate level of volume has been identified and the crew are now trained to whisper at tones between twenty and thirty decibels due to its calming effect."

Upper Class passengers on the airline are used to being treated with kid gloves. The seats can turn into a 33" wide, 6'6" long, flat bed. There's a chauffeur-driven car to take you to and from the airport. No need to line up at security - there's a special area for Upper Class passengers that allows you to skip the line and head straight to the airline's lounge. Round-trip airfare from New York City to London in Upper Class starts at about $5,300 in March, inclusive of taxes and fees.

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