Baby Delights in First Sight of Bubbles

VIDEO: 12-month-old Lennon Gruber couldnt get enough of his first sight of bubbles.

Singer Don Ho may have made the song "Bubbles, Tiny Bubbles" famous around the world, but it's a 12-month-old baby from Ohio who has made bubbles go viral.

Lennon Gruber's priceless reaction to seeing bubbles for the first time has garnered more than 80,000 views on YouTube since it was posted by his dad, Chris Gruber, on Tuesday, March 13.

Gruber, of Westerville, Ohio, told he grabbed his cell phone and began recording while his wife, Laurie, blew the bubbles.

Lennon is consumed by giggles as the bubbles fall seemingly magically from the sky and then quickly picks up on the most fun part of bubbles, reaching up to pop them.

And while Lennon is likely having lots of firsts in his first year of life, his dad says bubbles still hold sway in his young son's life.

"He still goes nuts for bubbles," Gruber said.  "So far, bubbles are the only thing that get him excited to the point of hyperventilating."

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