Torani Debuts Chicken 'n' Waffles-Flavored Syrup

                                                                                                               (Image credit: Torani)

Instead of the traditional vanilla latte, would you try a chicken 'n' waffles flavored latte or cappucino?

Torani, the San Francisco-based company known for its flavored coffee syrups, will release a chicken 'n' waffles flavor next month.

For 80 calories and 19 grams of sugar per two-tablespoon serving, the site says the syrup "adds that 'is it chicken or is it waffles' allure to cocktails, lattes, sauces, and any deserving recipe."

"Chicken and Waffles are a comfort food classic, combining the crispy vanilla deliciousness of a waffle with the salty and greasy notes of fried chicken and that lovely end note of sweet maple syrup…We can't wait to see what people create with it," said Torani VP of Marketing Julie Firestone Garlikov in a press release.

The company suggests adding 1/2-1 oz syrup to beverages or trying the syrup on sundaes or cupcakes.

The chicken 'n' waffles syrup follows the release of the popular bacon syrup, Torani's other savory food-inspired flavor.

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