The Week In Travel: Woman Strips, Private Planes and More

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It was, as usual, a busy week in the travel industry. It's almost tax time, which has travelers wondering where to spend that tax refund - we found five great options. A woman inexplicably took off all her clothes in the Denver International Airport. An alternative to putting the family dog in a kennel was launched and we found out where the world's best-looking men are residing. Perhaps best of all, we found out about a new airline with plans to offer unlimited flights for under $1k per month. And finally, for those among us who prefer to fly commercial, we discovered over-the-top ways to use your airline miles.

Here, the week in travel:

Over-The-Top Options For Airline Miles

Need a weekend on a private, exclusive Caribbean island?  An icy-adventure vacation, complete with dog sledding and a stay at the Ice Hotel? A lifetime supply of socks?

A Vacation Home For The Family Dog

It's likely the most common travel conundrum of dog owners: What to do with Fido when we  go on vacation? While it's true that hotels have become more pet-friendly in the past few years, the number of places that don't accept dogs still far outnumbers  the number that do.

Travel: 5 Places to Spend Your Tax Refund

The average 2012 tax refund is nearly $3,000 according to the IRS. That's about $100 less than last year, but still plenty of money to take a vacation. Here are five vacations under 3k to blow that tax refund. There are countless others, of course, but these should get you dreaming of all the places that refund can take you.

Best-Looking Men: The Top 10 Cities  

On the hunt for a handsome hunk? Unfortunately, you're going to have to travel to find him: Only one of the Top 10 Cities for Good-Looking Men is in the United States, according to Travelers Digest. No, Los Angeles ,  it's not you.

Unlimited Private Plane Under $1k Per Month

It's the fantasy of every frequent flier: No more security lines, no more scouring the Internet for the lowest fare and most of all, no more being crammed into a seat like 10 pounds of sausage in an 8-pound casing.

Woman Strips Naked at Denver Airport 

A woman stripped naked at Denver International Airport Tuesday after being caught smoking in a nonsmoking section of the airport. ABC's Denver affiliate reports the incident took place at about 8:45 a.m. on Concourse B.

Using HotelTonight for a Hotel Tonight 

The much-lauded hotel booking app  HotelTonight, as the name suggests, is designed for same-day bookings and promises savings up to 70 percent off.

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