What's the Weirdest Pet Name You've Ever Heard?

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Forget "Fluffy" and "Fido." Banfield Pet Hospital has released its list of the strangest and weirdest animal names of 2011, and these names are truly one of a kind.

Would you name your pet "Fatty Mcbutterpants"? Someone did. And there's a "Sir Goose Slobberalot," too.

Every year, Banfield releases a pet-naming trend list after scouring its patient database from more than 800 hospitals. This latest list, released earlier this month, showcases 10 truly unique dog and cat names. The names (in no particular order of importance) are below:

  1. Fatty Mcbutterpants
  2. Sir Goose Slobberalot
  3. Beetle Juice Monster Pants
  4. Chairman Meow
  5. Honey's Lil Midnight Moonshine
  6. Lord Godrick Von Mousenberg
  7. Emperor Chewy Teddybear
  8. Cookie Fudge Rainbow
  9. Baron Von Doodle
  10. Alyssa Butter Scooch

Brittany King, a Banfield veterinarian who practices in Cypress, Texas, told ABCNews.com that the quirky names are the result of a lot of thought on the part of owners.

"It's neat to see the owners and the clients make their pet a member of their family … you can tell they really care for them," she said.

Some owners let their children name the family pet,  while other owners go even further.

"We've got an owner and she's a wine representative and she decided she's going to name her cats all wine name brands, so we've got a Zinfandel and Pinot … and Moscato," King said.

King also treats a Shih Tzu whose full name is So Handsome Orange Taylor.  He goes by "Mr. HOT."

"He's a little male Shih Tzu with quite the attitude. He's too hot for his britches," she said.

Some names can give a vet the wrong idea, she added.

"Of course, you're going to do your research before you go into an exam room and you're looking at the pet's name and the history and you see 'Cujo,' and you say 'Oh, no, what's this room going to bring?' and you go … and you're a little bit timid, and then you see a little fluffy Maltese," she added.

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