Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

By Gina Sirico, ABC News

Forgot Mother's Day was this Sunday and you don't have a gift? No problem. But don't think elbow macaroni glued to a soup can is going to win any brownie points from the woman who wiped your nose.

This is your Mother!

She cheered your performance in the school play, even though you forgot half your lines.  This is the same woman that told you to 'Stop picking,' and warned you about the dangers of crossing your eyes for too long.

She deserves more than a last-minute gift at the convenience store where you pick up some beef jerky and motor oil.

While you'll never go wrong with flowers or candy, it lacks a little originality. After all, she knows how creative you can be after listening to all those excuses for why you snuck in past your curfew or how that scratch got on the car.

Breakfast in bed looks good on paper, but have you ever tried getting syrup out of bed sheets?

So, with time ticking and your wallet a little tight, lifestyle expert Amy Palmer gave us a few suggestions on how to show Mom she's still number one.

To keep Mom's feet fancy, try Havianas for Baby Buggy. These flip-flops, designed by some of your favorite fashionistas, are at a price worth dancing over - $26. You can pick up a pair at Nordstrom.

If mom is more into accessories, Send the Trend has a few offerings, including whistle-tiered aqua dangle earrings and the Fiora aqua bangle, both priced at $29.95.

Charming Charlie's snakeskin clutches play off one of spring's hottest trend: color-blocking. At $19.97, these handbags are one hot ticket! Available on

Everyone loves a bargain, and Century 21 has just that. Get Mom a designer silk scarf for $22.97.

Life is like a box of chocolates for Mom, thanks to Godiva's offering. Godiva's "Feed" tote is a gift that keeps on giving. The tote is $25 and the money goes to help provide 10 school meals for children. Adding chocolate is a sweet treat for Mom.

And if your mom enjoys a glass of wine, but doesn't want to overindulge, Luxury Wines By the Glass offers some tasty wines, to be sampled from tiny bottles. One bottle starts at $12; a four-pack starts at $45.

Got all that? Those are Amy's top picks for last-minute ideas. Of course, if you're trying to earn "Daughter/Son of the Year" awards, you might need to buy the whole list, depending on how much of her gray hair you're responsible for. But regardless of what's inside those boxes, underneath that flowery wrapping paper, make sure she knows that because of her, you're always wearing your seat belt, wearing clean underwear, and not standing with the refrigerator door open.

And most of all, that you love her.

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