Nearly 1 Million Olympic Tickets on Sale

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Nearly 1 million Olympic tickets will go on sale Friday, including tickets to the highly coveted opening and closing ceremonies.

Tickets will go on sale Friday at 6 a.m. EDT, according to the Associated Press.

The upcoming sale gives hope to the 1 million people who applied previously but didn't get tickets.  First dibs will go to the 20,000 people who missed out on the initial ballot and again on a subsequent second sale. They will have 31 hours of exclusive access.

After that, those who applied in the initial ballot will have five days to purchase tickets.

In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies in London, there will also be tickets available for the 100-meter final, the AP reported

There are a total of 8.8 million tickets to the Olympic Games. The Telegraph reported that of those, about six-and-a-half million are for fans, another million for countries sending athletes to the games and the final million are split between  sponsors, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), guests and hospitality partners.

Unauthorized websites claiming to sell Olympic tickets are plentiful.  LOCOG, the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, has a " ticket checker" site with a list of known unauthorized sites.

For those who are able to score tickets in this latest sale, airfare and lodging to the Olympics is still available. Read our guide to booking a hotel room and view our gallery of rental homes.

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