Best (and Worst) Cities For Your Skin

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In case you haven't heard yet, the sun isn't good for your skin. Just in time for the first full day of summer, that fact is confirmed with a new study that finds the cities best for skin aren't known for sunshine.

Daily Glow, one of the Everyday Health network of websites, has determined the best and worst cities for your skin based on the number of cases of melanoma (San Diego leads), percentage of smokers (time to quit, Las Vegas) and dermatologists per capita (oddly, Los Angeles has very few). Climate, air pollution, tanning beds and other factors were included as well.

If you're worried about your skin, don't move to California. Three of the top five worst skin cities are there.

"Skin health is a combination of environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors," said daily Glow Skin & Beauty Expert Dr. Jessica Wu. "It's important for Americans to understand that it is never too late to protect their skin and reverse sun damage - and that even the smallest changes have the power to save and protect their skin for years to come."

Best Cities for Your Skin:

1. Portland, Ore. ranks no.1 for its low pollution and ozone rates.

2. San Francisco has the lowest number of tanning beds per capita.

3. In Seattle the sun shines only 47 percent of the time.

4. Baltimore had the fewest cases of melanoma.

5. Chicago has the highest number of skin-care specialists.

Worst Cities for Your Skin:

1. Las Vegas: A high percentage (22.3 percent) of the population smokes.

2. Phoenix has high summer temperatures and a lot of sunshine.

3. Fresno, Calif. has high levels of pollution.

4. In Sacramento, Calif., one-third of adults have had at least one sunburn this year.

5. Los Angeles has a low per-capita percentage of dermatologists.

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