Beer Made With Gold

(Image credit: Diagonal View)

This isn't your average tailgating beer. A brewery in Ostrava, Czech Republic, has released a gold-flecked lager that's fit for a king.

The beer contains 0.018 grams of gold leaf and is packaged in a champagne bottle. It is called "Re" after the Egyptian sun god and took 18 months to develop.

"Gold is an inert metallic element so it doesn't taste like anything," said Marek Pieton, Chief Brewer, in a video by Diagonal View, "But it has a very impressive effect and it also may have a good effect on health later."

Thirsting for the taste of gold? The brewery has only produced 500 bottles of the gold-flecked drink. The price of the product was not disclosed.

"This product is not designed for a wider market. It is produced for special clients upon request. These beers go through a highly rigorous process before distribution and we produce them only if customers order them," said Pieton.

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