How to Make a Big Mac at Home

McDonald's Canada has continued answering those tough questions you were starting to lose sleep over. This week, executive chef Dan Coudreaut demonstrates how to make a Big Mac at home on the company's YouTube channel.

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Customer Christine H. posed the question, "What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?"

Coudreaut takes off his chef's coat and begins the demonstration. Mayonnaise, mustard and pickled relish are placed in a bowl. White wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika are added to the bowl and whisked- creating the "secret sauce."

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Coudreaut dices onions and slices iceberg lettuce to add a textural crunch. He toasts the signature sesame bun in a hot pan. Then he forms the beef patties in a ring using 100 percent beef, confirming that the same beef is used in their restaurants.

The patties are cooked on a sizzling hot pan and then seasoned with salt and pepper. The sauce, onions, lettuce, cheese and pickles are placed on the bread and the sandwich is complete.

Do you think this is worth trying at home? Or would you rather visit the restaurant?

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