Little Girl Tames Big Lion

Talk about a meet-cute. This young girl meets this large lion at a Boston zoo, and love ensues.

Devin James was celebrating her sixth birthday with a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo when this enormous African lion decided to get friendly with the birthday girl.

The video was reportedly taken in 2009 by Devin's mom, Heidi James.

"I think she really enjoyed it. She doesn't scare easily," James, of Brookline, Mass., told the New York Daily News.

James just recently uploaded the video to YouTube, causing quite a roar online.

"Not for one second did she feel it was threatening in any way, whereas we as grownups would think differently," James said in an interview.

The James family was heading to the exit when it stumbled upon the lion's habitat. Christopher the lion was certainly not cowardly when it came to the pint-size partner on the other side of the glass enclosure.

"We saw the lion out on the perch and he was very vocal," James told the Daily News. "We went in for a closer look and he just kind of pounced."

It appears the little girl really just wanted to pet the big kitty. Her birthday wish didn't come true, but she came pretty darn close.

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