Droopy Pants Get Man Booted From Flight

Michael Williamson/Washington Post/Getty Images

Spirit Airlines is known for being a little outrageous. But it turns out even Spirit has its limits.

And that limit appears to be passengers with saggy pants.

A man and his flight companion were booted off an Orlando-bound flight at Chicago O'Hare earlier this week for his low-riding pants and both threatening the flight crew.

"A gentleman and another customer traveling with him both became verbally abusive to flight attendants and threatened them with physical harm after he was asked to pull up his pants that were hanging excessively low," Spirit Airlines spokeswoman Misty Pinson told ABC News.

Pinson told a Chicago radio station, " "It was to the point where his entire bottom was hanging out. And that's not appropriate. We have a lot of customers on the plane, a lot of children on the plane."

Law enforcement was called and the man and his companion were escorted off the plane. The flight was delayed about five minutes, according to the The Chicago Tribune. The man and the woman who were escorted off the plane were booked on the next Spirit flight available for their destination.

"Providing a safe and pleasant environment for all customers on board is our top priority," Pinson said. "When our crewmembers ask customers to comply with a request, it is with the best interest of all of our customers in mind."

The man and his companion have yet to be identified.

Readers, we want to know: How low is too low when it comes to pants? Sound off in the comments section below.

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