Lara's DIY Tips to Turn Trash Into Treasure

We all know Lara Spencer lives for a good yard sale, and when it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects, she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve. So when a couple lucky viewers wrote to Lara asking for her advice on how to turn a beloved piece of furniture (which may have fallen on hard times) into a new treasure, she jumped at the opportunity.

Here are Lara's cheap and easy DIY tips for the items:


Samantha Mochel of Pennsylvania wrote to Lara on Facebook, saying, "My future mother-in-law found this amazing table for me at a yard sale but we are unsure what to do with it. We would love to turn this trash into treasure to be able to use it for my engagement party at the end of September."

Lara's advice:

This piece doesn't have great legs, so a good way to mask them up is by using fabric to cover it to create a softness for a girl's room, a powder room or a hallway. Paint the top in a glossy white and cover it in fabric. It should only take three yards of material. It has a cute shape, so just sew the fabric around the edges. It's fine that it is not good grade wood because there is always perfection in the imperfections.

When you have a piece that has unattractive legs, just cover it with fabric. For a chair, you can make a slip cover to mask the legs. It's soft and doesn't need a lot of fabric. And remember, Velcro tape is an excellent resource. You can dry clean it, wash it and even swap it out when you get bored. And again, use white glossy paint, keeping in mind that primer is essential. When you are using plywood, you have to sand it down, make sure it's completely dry and use several coats of paint and primer.

Little Table:

Beverly Davis from North Carolina tweeted Lara saying, "Help me transform this little table. I brought it back from England. Our room is done with a London theme."

Lara's advice:

Stripes are a big trend. Use painter's tape to create straight edges. You can use tabletops as art to liven up any space. Think of tabletops and walls as a canvas. Paint the base first, making sure the base coat is dry before you add painter's tape or it will pull the finish off. Cover the top with glass to preserve your artwork.

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