Turning Old Industrial Items Into Treasure

It's no secret that Lara Spencer brakes for yard sales, but she also brakes for estate sales.

Lara and her friend, David Dall, recently visited a mechanical engineer's Estate Sale in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., where they scavenged for treasures, especially old industrial items. Dall, founder of VintageCenturyDesigns.com, specializes in industrial design where he finds vintage mechanical gadgets and equipment and transforms it into modern-day furniture.

Here are some of the gems they transformed from trash into treasure:

Lara's Wheel:

When people ask Lara how she spots a diamond in the rough, she always tells them to think "re-invention," especially with pieces that, at first glance, seem totally different or obscure. Her favorite items are ones that most people would never think of putting together, therefore she wanted to show "GAA" viewers two of those types of pieces that are serving double duty as one new item.

Lara's advice:

Always remember that two pieces of junk can equal one gem. You can give two pieces the same color to make them look like a pair. Also, get creative with glass and mirror to give the piece some extra flare.

Tripod and Light

Dall's advice:

The light was only $40, and the tripod was slightly less than $100. Always check the tripod wood for cracks. Make sure the tripod is sturdy enough to support the light. Definitely check the wiring before attempting to electrify. Once you know it's safe, just mount the light on top with a little piece of wood to make sure it's flush and enjoy your new nautical-themed piece.

Master Clock

Dall says you can turn almost anything into a lamp. This was an old Edison master clock form a bell tower. He decided to electrify it and turn it into a lamp, but also restore the old bell feature.

Old Barn Door

Don't be afraid to take something old and find a new purpose for it. Dall found a pair of old piano legs and mounted them onto the door. When topped with a nice piece of glass, it creates a brand new table.

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