KFC Takes the Colonel's Classic to the Skies

Courtesy JAL

Just in time for KFC's most lucrative holiday in Japan, Japan Airlines plans to take the Colonel's classic to a whole new level: on board U.S. and Europe bound flights.

The fast food chain and JAL are teaming up to offer packaged fried chicken meals between Dec. 1and Feb. 28. The so-called Air Kentucky trays will consist of a fried drumstick, boneless breast filet, flat bread and cole slaw, similar to a two-piece chicken meal at a KFC story. They will be served as a second meal to premium-economy and economy class customers on board flights from Narita Airport to New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, Frankfurt and London.

The JAL-KFC partnership coincides with the American chain's most popular holiday in Japan, Christmas. KFC has used savvy marketing to establish fried chicken meals as a holiday tradition here. The colonel's recipe is so popular during Christmas, customers begin placing orders months in advance, to secure their festive feast.

KFC is the latest in a long list of fast food chains JAL has tapped to offer special meals on board their flights, as part of their "Air Series." In March, the carrier teamed up with restaurant chain Yoshinoya to serve their famous beef bowls on board international flights. A few months later, JAL teamed with the popular hamburger chain MOS Burger to offer in-flight rice burgers, which included steamed rice patties with carrots, and oyster mushrooms, among other vegetables. Chinese pork buns and donut chain Mister Donuts have also been featured in meals.

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