4 Last-Minute New Year's Party Ideas

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Did you leave everything for the last minute this New Year's? Celebrity caterer Mary Giuliani has quick tips on how to throw a fabulous fete even if you're a party-planning procrastinator.

1. Drink: Create a champagne bar with your favorite type of bubbly and give guests the chance to play "mixologist." Offer mix-ins like fruit juices, purees, berries or bitters for a fun way to customize their drinks. Garnish.

2. Eat: Serve breakfast at midnight! After the clock strikes 12 and toasts are done, serve up breakfast foods like mini bacon, egg-and-cheese sandwiches or mini short-stacks of pancakes.

3. Play: Give guests a playful goodie bag when they arrive filled with bottled water, aspirin, vitamins and drink cozies.

4. Recover: Don't send guests home empty-handed. End the festivities by sending guests home with a "hangover kit" filled with coconut water, eye masks or a vegetable-and-fruit smoothie.

Recipe: Mary's Hangover Helper Smoothie

1 bunch Kale 1 green apple 1/2 Lemon 1 small piece of Ginger 1 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

Juice and serve

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