Anthony Bourdain's Twitter Rants Against American Airlines

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It turns out even jet-setting television stars fly commercial. And flying commercial means even the biggest stars are subject to the same flight delays as everyone else.

We've all been there. We've heard all the excuses. Weather delays. Mechanical delays. Pilot time-out. Federal Aviation Administration delays. But the reported cause of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's recent American Airlines delay was a new one, even for the most-seasoned travelers.

His flight from Miami to Grand Cayman, it seems, was delayed because of number two. Yes, that number two. At least, that what Bourdain said in his Twitter rant Monday against American Airlines. His series of tweets unfolded over the course of two hours, starting with:

@Bourdain: Love the poor gate agent, standing mute under the "on time " sign when clearly we are f**ked. #AA

@Bourdain: What does "special situation" mean in airlines speak? Ain't nothin' special about late departure #AA

@Bourdain: Latest news is it took #AA two hours to admit [that] a passenger dropped a wet deuce on a seat. Need to change planes

To which fellow globetrotting television star Anthony Zimmern responded:

@andrewzimmern: @Bourdain Amazing how with all the technology it takes to fly, all it takes is some little s**t to mess it all up for everyone

And then Bourdain, not known for his decorum, decided to take it just one step further: "@andrewzimmern thinking about paying it forward. Especially after that airport panini" he tweeted.

Tuesday morning, the people behind the Twitter account of Virgin Atlantic USA decided to join in on the fracas, managing to court Bourdain and insult American Airlines in one tweet:

@VAAintheUSA: We feel your pain @Bourdain. The combo of a dropped deuce & AA service gives flying a bad name. Come w/ us next time!

When asked for comment on the tweets, American Airlines said only that "the flight in question was delayed approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience."

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