How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich in Space

You might think you know how to make a peanut butter sandwich - but do you know how to prepare one in space? Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield solves this dilemma in a new YouTube video shared by the Canadian Space Agency.

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Space food used to be limited to dehydrated meals or bite-sized snacks in packets. But engineers have found that many regular Earth foods are fine in weightlessness, which is why Hadfield can enjoy a nice PB sandwich for lunch on the International Space Station.

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The packaged tortillas he uses can be good for 18 months. He uses tortillas instead of bread because regular bread would break into crumbs, which could float into someone's eye or be inhaled. If you're looking to practice your space culinary skills, see the recipe below.


1 tortilla 1 packet of peanut butter honey

1. Remove tortilla from packaging. Cut packet of peanut butter open with specially designed space scissors. Squeeze peanut butter onto tortilla.

2. Squeeze the honey on top. Fold tortilla in half.

3. Clean hands with disinfecting wipes.

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