The Secret's Out, Here's the Perfect Pancake Formula

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You know the difference between a perfect pancake and a not-so-great one? Turns out, there's a bit of science involved other than your taste buds dictating deliciousness.

Mathematicians at the University of Wolverhampton created a formula for pancakes through trial and error and arrived at the equation: 100 - [10L - 7F + C(k - C) + T(m - T)]/(S - E).

"L represents the number of lumps in the batter and C equals its consistency. F stands for the flipping score, k is the ideal consistency and T is the temperature of the pan," said Lizzie Templeton, spokesperson for Debenhams, a multi-chain department store in the U.K.

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"The perfect pan temperature is represented by m, S is the time the batter stands before cooking and E is the time the cooked pancake stands before being eaten - the closer to 100 the result is, the better the pancake," she said.

Debenhams is promoting their TeFal Jamie Oliver pancake pan.

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Templeton said that "the golden rules seem to be to have a good pan at 377 degrees, have zero lumps in the mixture, and leave the batter to stand for 30 minutes before cooking."

Are you a master pancake-flipper? Do you have any secret pancake tips?

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