McDonald's to Serve Egg White McMuffin in April

(Image credit: McDonald''s)

Yolks are out. Starting April 22, McDonald's will give healthy eaters the option to order an egg white only McMuffin with 250 calories. This shaves off 50 calories compared with the original 300-calorie sandwich.

Try the McDonald's Egg McMuffin Recipe

The Egg White Delight will be cooked on the grill, topped with Canadian bacon and white cheddar, and served on a whole grain bun. The sandwich was tested in Atlanta and Austin markets last year.

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Egg white options will also be available for the chain's other breakfast sandwiches. Three new McWrap sandwiches are set to launch this month. Filled with grilled or fried chicken, they can be paired with bacon, ranch or sweet chili sauce. In May, McDonald's will roll out a blueberry pomegranate smoothie.

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