Pepsi Bottles Get a Makeover After 17 Years

(Image credit: Pepsi)

After almost 17 years of the same look, Pepsi bottles are getting a makeover next month.

An easy-to-grip design, youthful packaging and visible brand elements are features of the new look that the company hopes will stand out on shelves.

The new design is part of Pepsi's "Live for Now" marketing campaign. The campaign focuses on "the insight that Pepsi fans all around the world desire to capture the excitement of now - a mind-set that is aligned at the very core with the brand's DNA," a company release states.

Only available in 16 and 20 ounce sizes, the bottles will roll out over the next few years nationwide.

"Single serve (16 & 20-oz bottles) are the most visible way our consumers connect with our brand, and we wanted that connection point to reflect our positioning," said a Pepsi spokesperson, "Also, third party experts have discussed the importance of packaging innovation in helping to drive brand equity and sales and we hope to do this with our new bottle."

In 2010, sales of Diet Coke and Coke both outsold Pepsi, establishing Coca-Cola as the winner in the soda world.

This year, both companies are bringing star power and limited-edition can designs. Pepsi teamed up with Beyonce and released a new can design. Marc Jacobs was named creative director of Diet Coke and designed soda cans representing different fashion eras.

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