Simple Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring is fast approaching, and while it brings warmer weather, it also heralds what many deem a daunting task: spring cleaning.

Sarah Humphreys, executive editor of Real Simple magazine, appeared on "Good Morning America" today to share some tips for tackling your spring cleaning.

She recommended specific tools for certain cleaning jobs, and also suggested crafting a cleaning strategy. Deciding which areas need deeper cleaning will allow people to take shortcuts with other areas, she said.

Extra Cleaning Tips From Real Simple Magazine

There are many new devices available that can make short work of cleaning, but some old-school approaches work just as well.

Distilled white vinegar: Use it to wipe surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms to help prevent the growth of mildew and mold. You can also mix it with warm water and use it to clean windows and mirrors. Spray it on the underarms of clothes or add it to the wash to deodorize.

Baking soda: Mix it with water to clean dirty grout, or make a paste with it to clean smudges from washable wallpaper.

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Hydrogen peroxide: It's a great disinfectant that you can use on many surfaces, but did you know you can mix a tablespoon of it with ¼ cup of water and spray it on fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria? Just rinse after you apply the spray. You can also mix it with dishwashing liquid to deodorize the cat box, and use it to disinfect cutting boards.

Borax: Dilute it and spray it in the bathroom to kill mildew. To get rid of rust stains, pour it in the toilet bowl and let it sit overnight, then scrub the bowl with a brush. It also works on clogged drains. Pour it and boiling water down the problem drain.

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