Starbucks Adds Hazelnut Macchiato to Espresso Lineup

Espresso-lovers now have a new sweet drink to choose from at Starbucks. The company announced that it will be adding a hazelnut macchiato to its core lineup today, the first permanent addition to its espresso menu in 16 years.

"No beverage better demonstrates this level of craftsmanship than our signature four-layered Macchiato, and we know customers will love this new member of our espresso beverage family," said Cliff Burrows, Starbucks' president, in a statement.

The macchiato is one of the more challenging drinks to make in the Starbucks lineup. Starting first with vanilla syrup and steamed milk, the drink is "marked" with espresso and topped with a hazelnut sauce.

Pricing for a tall macchiato, the 12-ounce size, starts at $3.35 and a grande, the 16-ounce size, starts at $4.05.

Hazelnut seemed like the obvious fit for a macchiato. Starbucks data showed that hazelnut was the second most popular flavor after vanilla.

The hazelnut is definitely getting its moment in the spotlight. Nutella fanatics celebrate their love for the stuff with a world holiday. KitKat just unveiled a chunky hazelnut cream bar and Pinkberry served up a chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt this past summer.

Even "Top Chefs" are adding hazelnuts to the mix in their creations. Last week's winner, Kristen Kish, made a chicken liver mousse with toasted hazelnuts and pumpernickel croutons.

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