Mom's Deafening Reaction to News Her Daughter Is Pregnant

VIDEO: Josh Elliott shares a YouTube video of a woman finding out shes going to be a grandma.

There aren't many moments more emotional than finding out you're going to be a grandparent, as this grandmother-to-be from Charlotte, N.C., proves loud and clear.

When Ashley and Michael Krauter decided to share their big pregnancy news with her parents on her father's 60 th birthday, they never imagined Ashley's mother, Hope Barthelson, would steal the show.

"She is always effervescent, always has a lot of energy," Michael told of his mother-in-law. "Hope was definitely very excited when Ashley and I got married. She was very excited about having grandchildren, but didn't ever want to push or impose. She's been bottling up all her emotions, so it just flowed out like crazy that day."

In a video that has surpassed more than 350,000 views on YouTube, Barthelson's reaction might just take the cake for most-excited-grandma.

"I knew her reaction was going to be over the top, but I just didn't know it would be quite that good," Ashley said. "I didn't know she would be crying with her fingers in the weird V-shape to stop her mascara. She goes from crying to laughing."

The couple was helping celebrate Carl Barthelson's 60 th birthday, and saved the best present for his "speed-themed" birthday for last. In addition to going to a special viewing of "Top Gun," and being gifted a personal NASCAR driving experience, nothing could brace Carl for the ultimate ride of a lifetime, becoming a grandfather.

"The last present for the speed-themed birthday was his own new pair of tennis shoes, and inside was a card with a sonogram that said, 'Grandpa, some birthdays are more special than others.'"

At that moment, Ashley's mother, Hope, figured out the surprise, and couldn't contain her excitement. The hilarious moment was caught on camera. The family had been taping the entire birthday for Ashley's brother to see because he lives in Washington, D.C.

"We're just so excited God's giving us a baby," Michael said. "The fact other people are getting some of the joy that we have is really special."

The family's new addition is due in September.

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