Should Parents Impose Their Quirks on Kids?

VIDEO: Strongman Demonstrates Sandbag-Tire Pull

Let's imagine you lead a "crazy" life. You have some non-traditional grooming habits, strange loves, extreme pastimes. What happens when you have kids? Do you pass down your own quirkiness?

Nick Best is 320 pounds of mostly muscle and has competed in strongman competitions. His wife, Callie, can flip 600 pounds of tires. Their son, Dylan, 12, and daughter, JJ, 5, pursue extreme weight training along with their parents. The family eats so much beef they have a "meat sponsor." Check it out:

Chip and Tery Lynn Russell have four daughters. Like their mother, they have extremely long hair - their parents mandate they get only trims, never cuts.

Are these parents going too far in imposing their unusual ideas on their children? Should they be forced to keep their hair long?

Answer via the online ballot below, and watch the full story of both families on "20/20: My Crazy Life" Friday at 10 ET.

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