These Tiny, Fierce Sisters Can Take on the World

Courtesy Nicole Rutherford

It's probably a safe bet these tiny toddler sisters rule the roost on the playground.

Or so it would appear from these images showing them in poses that would make "girl power" aficionado, Beyonce, proud.

Sierra Kibler, 1, and her older sister, Skyelar Kibler, 3, clearly know no boundaries when it comes to things they can't do.

First ever trip to the lake and ready to take it on like a champ? No problem for Sierra.

"That was the first time she ever saw the water," the girls' mother, Nicole Rutherford, of Bethany Beach, Del., told "We were just cooking up hot dogs and having a good time because the weather was so nice. She was staring out at the water almost in a trance."

After Rutherford took the picture of Sierra clenching her fists and making her "fierce face" towards the water, Rutherford posted the picture on her Facebook page, which elicited comments from friends saying that she looked like Tim Tebow doing his famous "Tebow" pose.

"Sierra is going to be our sports girl," Rutherford said. "She is so tall for her age. Her dad wants her to be the volleyball or basketball player of the family."

The picture caught the eye of family friend, Chris Chamblee, who posted the picture on Reddit last week, causing it to quickly trend on the site with more than 929,500 views.

And as for Sierra's sister, Skyelar, she too is fearless.

Coming nose to snout with her grandfather's German Shepherd that is twice the size of her pint-sized self might typically be frightening, but obviously not for Skyelar.

Rutherford says the dog, Bear, definitely lives up to his name, but Skyelar still shows him who's boss.

"He's her little companion," Rutherford said. "He tries to get to her down from up the stairs because he knows she shouldn't up there. He looks out for her."

Although the girls may exude fierce, fearless attitudes, they're definitely still daddy's girls at heart.

"They could take on the world," Rutherford said. "They smile all the time and make funny, fierce faces, but they're daddy's little girls."

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