The Secrets of Latte Art

VIDEO: Secrets of Latte Art

Do you ever wonder how your coffee house barista is able to pour those beautiful designs on top of your favorite foamy drinks?

It's called "latte art." And believe me, there is definitely an art behind that perfect pour.

Eden-Marie Abramowicz is the girl you want preparing your morning cup of joe. She is the 2013 Southwest Regional Barista champion and works as an educator at Intelligentsia in Silver Lake, California.

She's been in the coffee industry for six years, and loves teaching coffee drinkers what makes coffee so special.

"For me, it has a lot to do with the concept of working with such a quality product, and to be able to celebrate that and be able to be an ambassador for that product, I feel is an amazing thing," Abramowicz said.

But there's a lot that goes into pouring latte art. Abramowicz says these five simple steps will help you get started.

1. Pour a cup of good, quality espresso - It has to be freshly brewed!

2. Steam your milk to 130-140 degrees, and knock out the bubbles. It should have the consistency of smooth, wet paint.

3. Tilt your cup of espresso.

4. Begin to pour a thin, straight line of steamed milk into the center of your espresso. The pour should be high and thin. At this point, no white from the steamed milk should be showing through the espresso.

5. Lower the steaming pitcher close to the surface of the drink and slowly un-tilt your cup - that's when you begin your latte art.

Abramowicz shows us how to master the classic rosetta. And let me tell you, she makes it look easy!

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