Cat Nurses One-Week-Old Pit Bull Puppy

VIDEO: A cat at the Cleveland Animal Protective League is nursing a week-old pit bull puppy back to health.

Not even a full-grown cat with a litter of her own could resist a cute newborn puppy.

Noland, a now 10-day-old pit bull puppy, was found stranded without his mother, but thanks to the quick thinking of employees at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, he now has a rather unexpected stepmom, Lurleen the cat.

The animal league took in the puppy when he was only one day old, and the size of the palm of a hand, a normally very dangerous time for newborns to be without their mothers.

"It was a combination of our veterinary team and animal care team who put their heads together," Sharon Harvey, president and chief executive officer of the Cleveland Animal Protective League, told "When presented with not a lot of great options for a one-day-old puppy, we realized we had this nursing mom and thought, 'Let's just see what happens.'"

Luckily, Lurleen, who is nursing four newborn kittens of her own, immediately took to the pit bull.

"She immediately took to little Noland and it was like he'd been there the whole time," said Harvey. "She's treating him just like all her other kittens. But he's obviously growing at a faster rate than the kittens, so we're closely monitoring that. And as he grows exponentially faster than the kittens, we are supplementing him with additional food."

The pit bull spends about nine hours a day with his stepmom and step-kitties, and goes home with a foster family in the evenings that bottle feed him.

"It's been very fun and very heartwarming, even for us who deal with so many things with animals every day, both good and bad," Harvey explained. "It's stopped all of us, and it's so neat to see this completely unconditional acceptance."

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